“Angrily depressed” is the first thing comes to mind when their name enters any chit-chat; a fierce sense of grief and sorrow is the style their music projects. Many have likened their sound to Dark Tranquility as they take the rough path of matching pain with sadness on their own map of outrage. Let’s know more with Sinprophecy.

Passionate and determined they formed back in 2009 with no plans to go this long and far but just to have fun. What do they seek? What drives this six-man powerhouse band? Where do their dreams take them? These questions and more are answered in this interview.

The road from Lycan Soul to Sinprophecy – take us through this journey.
Well, it’s a very long story – and by the way there was Harmony in Violence way before Lycan Soul and this is a thing that not a lot of people know about. At the time the band members were Sayed Ragai, Amr Fada’y, Mohamed Tarek – a.k.a. Mishmish – and Yousef El-Qushairy – a.k.a. Joe Vortex. We were a four piece band without a bassist, who were just doing some covers of a lot of bands that they loved – regardless the genre – like Jungle Rot, Ektomorf, Slayer, Arch Enemy, Hatebreed, Korn, and Bloodbath. Due to some circumstances the band had a hiatus and the band almost split-up.


After a year we decided to continue what we had started, and that is exactly what happened. At the time we had a new member, Elave Salah, and he just took the band to a whole different level of inspiration and professionalism with his unique melodies. Then finally we got a bassist which is Omar El-Baroumi and we started to compose and write our own stuff and our first original song was ‘War Shall Begin’. We were basically reborn under the name Sinprophecy. We talked about using Lycan Soul it was just a temporary name. Simply, we just took a deep breath and decided to play the music that we love and passionate about. That is it.

Has the band been with the same lineup since day one or have you seen a lot of changing faces?

Actually no, the band has had a lot of changes in the line-up, around about five times. The only two members that have not changed are Sayed and Fada’y, but regardless all these changes and circumstances that the band has been through, the band has stayed together and continued in order to keep things professional and after all we are all friends and there are no hard feelings.


Congratulations on Amr’s engagement. Looks like the band had a hell of a good time at the party. Has the decision affected the band in anyway?

Thanks a lot, we really appreciate it, and special thanks from Amr. Yeah it was one hell of a night and we had a lot fun, our brother committed the ultimate sin. Just kidding!

Talking about if it has affected the band – well, there is no good or bad side. It is just the same thing, we can wear formal and ties, but at the same time we wear jeans and shirts – if you know what we mean!

It is just something that we’ve learned from a long time ago. We try not to mix our personal lives and the band’s stuff, even though our music and lyrics are based on our personalities. Plus Amr’s fiancée totally understands what he is doing as a musician and a member in a Metal band, which is something we really respect and appreciate, and after all we wish them a long happy life full of cute little sinners.

How hard was it settling on the Melodic Death/Doom sound in Egypt?

Firstly we would like to explain why we chose to play Melodic Death/Doom metal, as each of the members in the band is into a different kind of metal from – Doom Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Core/Groove metal, and even other music genres like Jazz, Blues, Funk, and old school. So we thought that the Melodic Death will be the genre that would be the right mix between everyone’s tastes, plus we are big fans of the genre. We were right and because of that you will find a lot of Influences in our music other influences in our music.

It was not easy at all being the first band to play such a genre. Actually, it was really risky, a burden on our shoulders, you know. All eyes are on you, so you have to prove yourself, otherwise you will lose people’s trust, but we did it and we gained people’s trust and respect and it’s vice versa. Right now we can admit that we have the greatest fans and supporters ever – The Circle Of The Sinners – they follow us wherever we perform, they never miss a show with their fellow sinners; simply we are getting our brutality from their massive energy and this goes back to our first gig ever “Extreme Noise” back in 2011.

Back in the band’s first steps, Sayed wasn’t actually the front man, I like this story but I think fans would love to know about it in detail.

Oh yeah. This is really funny. Sayed was supposed to be the drummer of the band and Joe – the drummer – was the vocalist, but to be honest both of them were really sucking. Suddenly, at one of the jams they just decided to change places as a way of having some fun, but suddenly they just figured out that each one of them was taking the wrong role in the band. Joe started to play some good beats on the drums and Sayed was filling the whole place with his voice, and from that day, each one took his right place. Sayed did not accept this for some time, we kept telling him that he had some good vocals techniques but he didn’t believe us. He was always saying “come on guys, I’m the fuckin’ drummer not the vocalist”, but look at him now.

Talk a bit about your W.O.A Battle Royale experience?
The W.O.A Battle was a great experience for us, as being a part of such a great event was such an honor for us, especially when sharing the stage with all these grand names, and we have to admit it that we had a lot of fun that day.

Maybe we didn’t win the battle, but we won some real good friendships and also we gained a lot of experience. You know that it is not the end of the world, maybe next time; otherwise we live to fight another day. At the end of the day, best of luck to our fellow countrymen Crescent; you guys deserve it, so go kill them all and make us proud, you got our trust and respect.

If you are going put on a global gig, who would you share the stage with and why?

Well, it is a really hard question to answer. I think we going to mention hundreds, but for now we can just give you some names like Swallow the Sun, Novembers Doom, Amon Amarth, Draconian, Saturnus, Daylight Dies, Slumber, Before the Dawn, Dark Tranquility, Insomnium, In Mourning, Behemoth, Katatonia, Lamb Of God, Barren Earth, Dan Swano, Vader, and Cannibal Corpse. If Pantera and Godgory were still around we would say them as well. Why? Simply because these are great bands that inspire us and our own influences and it will be such a great honor for us to share the stage with our idols.


Though many bands turn their back to politics, you were in the middle of a local controversial accusation of “Holding a party for devil worshippers” which is something familiar to the Arabian metal scene. From what we see it gave many musicians negative publicity, so how was this phase for SINPROPHECY?

Maybe it is a funny thing that we are all laughing at now, but back then it was a real rough experience. We faced a lot of issues being accused with such a thing, the way people looked at us was enough, and as you know not a lot of people has a background with this kind of music and culture, it is not a familiar thing in our society, but at the same time there was a lot of people supporting us and denying all these accusations. Plus we had the chance to get interviewed on some TV shows so we could explain the truth and as you said we received all this negative publicity, but a lot of people started to know more about the metal scene and its culture, which is a good thing.

“Real life vs. Dreams” is a dilemma we all face in life. Is it something you think about?

Well, talking about this would take ages and a lot of pages in your magazine. We will try to talk briefly about it. Simply we just want to be rock stars, and it has been a dream for each and every single member in the band for a long time. We just want to spread our music across the world, because we are doing something that we really love and believe in. Our music is our language and how we express our thoughts and feelings, so let us hope that our dream becomes true one day, regardless of anything, just wish us luck.

What’s going on behind the Sinprophecy’s doors recently?

Well, as you know we are not used to unveiling our little secrets, we are addicted to the BOOM, if you know what we mean! At the same time you know that our pockets are not empty, so always expect something from The Sinners.

Before we leave, fans will want to know when the full-length album will be coming out.

Actually we cannot give a specific date, but it will be from June to August in 2014.

We would like to thank all the Rock Era magazine crew for their concern and their great efforts, and a special thanks to our great friends, fans, and all the people who believed in us and supported us to reach what we’ve reached. Much appreciated fellas!


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