● Thank you Donj for giving us this chance to chat about your comeback album, can you tell us what are your reasons for abandoning music for this long time?

Oh. I had to go through the ups and downs. Not only as a musician but as well as a human. There have been many obstacles that I believe have been settled for the best.

Since our last show back in 2015, the band went through another dark time. All members just went into different paths such as marriage, divorce, birth, and death. So, it has been hard for me to ensembles the members to do another album or another show for some reason, but I guess working and releasing the new materials should pay off for this time.

● Getting back to music after this absence may be challenging, what are the main hardships you face while scripting the new album?

To be honest, I recorded this album more than 6 times with different tracklists that none of them I liked. I’ve been writing this material since 2016. But, it just had never the chance to reach any shore.

Plus, when you’re recording all the instruments, writing lyrics, and doing all on your own it’s a nightmare. Especially, when you’re doing it by yourself without anybody helping you! But, there are too many chains up my neck and the only way to let it out was music, or else I don’t know what mess I’d be doing.

● As we moved to your new album, can you give us more details about it?

I believe it’s bold, angry, evolving and It has a different sound and production. I believe I got out all my true emotions, worries, and burdens in this record.

Simply, I believe in this record to be pushing Sallos into a better place musically. And, hopefully, the listeners like it and get its message.


● We know that the band, unfortunately, lost one of its members, Moe El Assi, would you pay certain tributes to him? Did he participate in the album before his death?

Yeah, unfortunately, last year we lost a great person, friend, musician. My best friend Moe was the spirit that held the band together. He was the reason for having the “Blast of the Eastern Storm” album as we recorded it at his place.

In addition, the sickest screams in the album were done by Moe, not me. He had great charisma on and off stage. By his death, the band felt apart as members, but not as brothers.

The four of us were so connected in strange ways, I had to take a whole year to accept his death. However, to be honest, I spiritually communicated with him, and I heard him much time telling me: “Do it Donj, do it for my sake.”

I still feel his presence and spirit around in the recording room. We tried to work on some material back then, but nothing was out just ideas. This time, I guess he will be proud of what’s coming out as he is always with me in my heart and mind. I still receive hidden messages from him, believe it or not, we talk.


● What are the new ideas or sounds that metal lovers here in the local scene could find in the upcoming album?

I’ll leave this to the listeners to decide. I believe I got my soul out in this record, and then only the true judge will be the listeners. But, I can say more blasting beats, more sick solos, and musical dynamic, in addition, the tracks are not long in duration like the previous album, more punch in the face.

● Do you prepare any stage returns?

It’s hard to say, Sallos is all about me now. There are nonactive members left to play live. Sad, but in any chance to find the right members for it, it should be considered.


 When will your album come out?

Currently, the album is in the hands of Silver Steel Studios, France. I’m waiting for my turn for the mixing and mastering process. So, I can say within the next 3 months or less, hopefully, it should be all out if no new catastrophe happened. 



Photo Courtesy: Doaa Hamza, Sallos Band’s Facebook Page

Interviewed and Edited by: Rana Atef 


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