We rarely find a pure heavy metal band like the old days, but then, I found out about ZP Theart I AM I, and listened to ‘Silent Genocide’, I was like “My soul was revived”. Check out the whole story…

The band is still new but gained fame rapidly; do you think people are thirsty for a heavy metal and hard rock comeback? 

I suppose people still are, but these days, there are so many bands serving up what the fans need that it became really tough for new bands to get a foothold in the industry.

How do you set the mood to write your music and lyrics?
Every song differs. It depends on the moment its conceived in. Most of the time the mood sets the tone for the song, so it depends on whats happening at the time of writing. I don’t have a dark candle lit dungeon where I retire to to get in the mood for writing. When it happens it happens.

Do your songs usually come from personal experiences? Or just general themes?
A little bit of both. I follow a lot of whats going on in the world and i must say that has a lot of baring on the lyrical content. Nothing beats writing personal experiences into a song though!

In your opinion, does changes in line-up could affect a band’s reputation, or do the audience only care about the music?
First of all I think people get into the music before they care for the members. If the line-up changes are for the better then I think it’s a win win situation. You don’t achieve fame after one album, some people had to learn that lesson the hard way.

‘See You Again’ and ‘Silent Genocide’ videos seemed to be in ancient venues, do you care about these themes and choosing such locations?
Yea I really like the run down old look, those were the type of venues I was looking for when we did those videos and they were perfect. Expect something different for the next ones!

2014 seems to be more for touring, any album releases in 2015?

Definitely come spring. We have just finished writing and will be recording December through January.

Do “I Am I” consider releasing a concept album in their upcoming plans?
No plans as yet.

Any plans to distribute your albums in the Middle East?
That was the plan for our first release but our distribution company didn’t really play ball. Needless to say the new album will be released with a new distribution company and it will be available absolutely everywhere worldwide on the day of release.

Would you consider touring there?
Absolutely! The middle east is a rapidly growing market for international music and it would be a pleasure to come out there and play a few shows. Is that an invite? 🙂

Do you have a plan with your management company regarding music piracy to avoid your music be stolen online?
Yea, shut down the internet!

Are “I Am I” going to stick to pure Heavy Metal, or are there going to be other styles in upcoming releases, like: power, symphonic, melodic, etc.…
New line up, new creative process and a lot of jaw dropping, unsuspecting shit on the way…

Finally, what would you tell the younger bands who are still struggling?
If you are in the music business because you want to be and for the love of music then I would say just keep going. If you’re in it to be instantly rich and famous, dream on.


Edited by: Ahmed S. Khalil


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