Between 1939 to 1945 may be a period of time that you don’t know much about but if you got the chance to ask your grandparents, s/he will tell you that an estimation of 3% (70–85 million) of the world population has perished. If you think this isn’t a big number comparing to nowadays calculations, well, I need to clarify that humanity was just about 2 billion at that time! We have seen numerous films about WW2 but rarely to find a rock/metal act that talks about it deeply, and I was really impressed by “Guru of Hate,” and happy as well. I believe Divine Anger is one of the few who did such a concept album discussing several emotional matters related to the WW2 events. In my opinion, the band tried in just 5 tracks to take you on a journey to feel how was such events affects families, human races, and minorities too. In fact, I believe the impact of WWII exists until now through organizations and governments. Back to our glorious EP, if you wanna listen to a great mix of old-school metal with modern influences then your “Guru of Hate” is the one. All of the five tracks are my favourite really, still, I loved that each track provides a different style, different vocals spirit, catchy rhythm, and insane unique soloing! “Believe it or not, Divine Anger is a metal band from another dimension.” these words are the first thing you gonna see when you check their bio, and I believe these newcomers were able to deliver an original metal sound as no other band did at least during the past decade! Sometimes words are not enough to describe the music, so it’s about time to feel the astonishing metal vibes below. Enjoy!

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Mena Ezzat


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