In “Femme Fatale”, Cindy-Louise unleashes her vocal prowess and her mystical feminine side. Lyrics accompany basic piano structures and chords, while she flows with her intensity and her powerful theme of female empowerment, winking at listeners’ naivete in intercepting all there is to know about the woman while secretly vying for their attention. “Rise Up” is a different story. A dark-pop fantasy with some classical music thrown in for good measure. Cindy-Louise’s songs are uplifting without sugar coating a genre that’s already been doused in sugar, cliffhanging without being vindictive, they make use of her vocal abilities and stunning looks to bring the best out of the creative spectrum.
Both songs, “Rise Up” and “Femme Fatale” establish a solid pop-rock and indie artist. Cindy-Louise has already made a name for herself in the alt-pop/rock scene, but her uncanny ability to rise above the norm and create something unique and mysterious without going overboard makes her a fresh presence and a voice to be always reckoned with in the music scene.

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Jaylan Salah



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