Genevieve Lauren @genevievelaurenphoto

Some people try to master a plan before April to fool around with jokes and pranks, while others prepare for something big to happen when April arrives! Justin Hoyt, the artist behind the musical project “Seven Layer Piano Cakes“, chose to kick off the month with “Endgame,” the third single from his “Chess Trilogy.”

In his “Chess Trilogy” of songs, Seven Layer Piano Cakes tells stories and portrays most of humankind’s dramas and the hardships they face in life. His third and latest single from the trilogy, “Endgame,” captures the aftermath of relationships and how chaotic the endings of long-term relationships can become. 

“Endgame” gives the feeling of witnessing a real couple narrating their story, particularly their ending. It sets that mood and sensation for the listener, with all the elements, from the duet vocal, to the dark pop vibes, and the instrumentation that convey the complex feelings of a breakup on their own. Hoyt’s vocals and his guest, the talented vocalist, VRL, are both harmonizing and give the single a distinct spark. Their performance is full of passion, melancholy, and layered vocals. The vocals and lyrics’ dark cloud may not be presenting the best part of a relationship, but the musical arrangement is going easy on our hearts as there’s a variety of genres. The melody is a little dark, yet there’s a delicate, dreamy sound with new wave vibes that makes the rhythm lighter.

This one really raises the bar for “Seven Layers Piano Cake”! And no need to worry, it ain’t a cliché breakup song. It might evoke a certain memory, but the balance between being chilly and being dark will make sure not to trigger you.


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