The good thing about this song, they know how to make it catchy from the beginning until the end other than many bands these days they may do like a catchy verse or a chorus, instead, these dudes provided a 4:20 rock anthem. When you check the track you won’t have a doubt for a second for their experience and ability to master such a rock spirit. SuperMonkey is a high-profile artist, guitarist, singer, producer, and record label owner from Pittsburgh, PA. After releasing the 7th successful album he settled on this trio p[erforming originals and covers for icons like The Beatles, Prince, and Led Zeppelin. In addition, while listening to such a solo and tight rhythm, I was very curious and I didn’t get surprised when I got the answer when he shared the stage with many acts like members of Guns ‘n Roses, Samantha Fish, White Denim, Quiet Riot, Fuel, Ace Frehley, The Fixx, The Biters, and Robin Trower, so what we can say this is an incredible experience of many years to create such an epic rock anthem in 2021. Feel ‘Elisa Bonita’ below! 😉

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Mena Ezzat


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