His second release, “Breathe,” is about regretting dreams we haven’t pursued and the desire for self-discovery yet listening to it gives peaceful sensations. It’s like taking a deep breath after running miles, only to find out you’ve been running to the wrong destinations, so you stop and “Breathe,” taking the path you’ve always ignored, “hoping to find what’s true” to you. The indie-folk soothing melodies don’t allow you to feel sorrowful over the past. It has a dreamy feel to it from the intro, with the guitars’ simple chords, Synth, and angelic humming sound. It hypnotises any unpleasant sensations and focuses on urging the sleeping desires to wake up and transform from dreams into reality, regardless of what society wants or accepts. And as the steady drum strikes, it feels like an ecstatic heartbeat, anxious to meet the real person behind the body they have been living in for all this time.

Gombau’s has addictive, captivating vocals, and with the help of his friend, the musician and producer, Gwenshana, they’ve created an infectious, liberating anthem that makes you ready to hit the road of broken dreams and reveries, trying to discover if you want to make them come true, ignoring all the signs that have been forced in your way and discovering your own.


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Viola Karmy



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