American songwriter Ian McFarland releases today ‘Spilling Over Me,’ ‘Silent Truths,’ among other songs as a part of a 10 song today’s release “Publicity Stunt Double” with a second deluxe version 21 song full length out July 9th.

McFarland writes and performs his own music with an accompanying band of friends which more often then not includes his producer Ryan Melone on drums. The pair have recently started writing the songs together and this upcoming decade is looking to be a promising one.

When I checked ‘Silent Truths’ I just fell in love with all the guitar lines and the brilliance of the atmospheric themes that music delivered with a nice blend of the ’90s and indie rock. For sure; I’d like to his powerful voice which reminds me of iconic bands.

‘Spilling Over Me’ is our main focus track here. The song is about “coping with emotions and trying to find a sense of purpose within nothing” – McFarland explained. The music is very harmonies really, and the stunning guitar licks make it shining, especially when his melodic 90’s vocal tone hits, it gives you an indie EARgasm! Usually, solos are my favourite part, and while I was waiting for it, he chose a very simple melody with a symbolic concept to the song theme which is brilliant indeed. “Publicity Stunt Double”  is the first studio LP from Ian McFarland. Written and recorded in Sound Emporium Nashville Full Length spans high energy fun contemporary rock songs as well as softer acoustic tracks. His prior EPs, Go Lucky, Slanted House and Growing Out My Hair had 131,000+ digital streams and sold over 300 physical CDs. Since 2017, Ian McFarland has continued to grow his fan base. Ian McFarland has also been on 432 playlists and is currently on the editorial New From NYC: Rock personalized playlist on Spotify. Also, he will be running weekly live-streamed videos of him performing and promoting the album in various ways leading up to release date.


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