Knoxville, USA based rockers The Lethargics dropped their latest record “Uncertain Times’ ‘ on june 14, 2022. Drawing their influences from the beautiful landscapes of Appalachia and mixing it with rock n roll’s legendary acts creating their very own sound that they like to call American Rock & Roll. So, let’s see how they take it from there.

Opening with the title track “Uncertain Times,” The Lethargics are showing their full command of their instruments and their songwriting skills. Hard hitting piano chords with guitar melodies and right on point licks, mixed with an unmistakable groove and expressive vocals creating a special smooth stream of melodies that carries you lightly throughout the song. The heavily emotional “Right About The War ” comes next with a heartfelt melody carried by the perfect guitar tone, heart-hitting keys and simple acoustic guitar all layered with a keen eye on detail and a clear vision of their desired sound. “Tennessee” builds on the groove and mellow vibes of its predecessors respectively, taking a sip from each and adding its own progression with its catchy chorus and harmonies. They start shaking things a little bit with the rocking “Bitterness”. It has more of a rock n roll sound that was needed to hype the record’s dynamics more at this point but from my humble POV, needed a more dynamic structure as it got kinda steady at a certain point. “Heading South” picks up with the groove and more upbeat sound with its fast chords and Knopfler-ish guitar licks but, fell in the same trap of steadiness as “Bitterness”, felt like it needed an improvisational guitar break or a piano/guitar conversation. “Cross Your Mind” is one of my favorites from the record with its Knopfler-ish vocals, super interesting guitar work and soothing melodies. The groovy chilling ballad “Every Sunset” comes next with heartwarming woodwinds and soothing guitar chords, taking the record to a whole new emotional level before “Down There Again” boosts the groove with more groovy bass and guitars with bluesy touches. “Moonlight” and “Love Goes On” both closed the record with bright sounds and chilling vibes mixing a lot of the record’s traits and vibes and solidifying The Lethargics’  sound till the end.

“Uncertain Times” is a mostly chilling record with some upbeat vibes and great guitar work. It needed some more dynamic vocal melodies and structures to shake things up a little bit but, this only comes down to the artist’s creative process and vision for sure. It shows a lot of melodic character and groove and a unique mix of sound. Cheers!



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