Ten unique singles, ten heartfelt, brilliantly written lyrics, ten compositions are all perfectly customised to match the atmosphere, one vocal with many layers to hit the desired chord deep within you, and one marvellous artist behind it all; Adam Araujo, the talented man behind the musical project “DaeMarcus,” who released the album I just described, “Trials & Errors,” demonstrating how a distinct artist he is and his amazing ability to create various musical styles and high-quality emotional writing.


The opening track “Don’t Wait” feels like a cinematic scene played on your mind with its intro. The melodies have dreamy vibes with quite motivational lyrics that push you forward like “Don’t Wait. Become what you’re meant to be.” “This Is It” and “Over The Hill” are like break-free anthems that can lighten and brighten your bad day.

“This Is It” has an intro that evokes warm memories, rhythms that are ear-pleasing and soulful, and moving vocals. And “Over The Hill” has an upbeat, motivating fast-tempo. Upbeat drums and mellow guitar strings have the 80’s vibes and inspiring lyrics to accept and embrace oneself in “As I Am.”

“The Cut” has an amazing arrangement with its energetic beats, superb electro solo and deep resonating vocals. With a mysterious feel into it, “Broken Clay” has sincere, relevant lyrics that illustrate how brilliant lyricist DaeMarcus is. And the music composition sets the mood for the soul to absorb the touching performance.

With “That’s Alright” and “You and Me,” the album takes a turn from self-love to another kind of love with poetic lyrics, soothing atmosphere, and melodic vocals. We truly go swinging with “Seesaw” and its soundscape from the late 70’s and 80’s new wave style that shows how DeaMarcus has a variety in his music and makes the conflict in the lyrics come to life.

The distinguished album ends with “Seventeen” and its sentimental rhythms, tender vocals, and a combination that feels like the sound of affection.


Enjoy half an hour of emotions, conflicting thoughts, and relevant stories with “Trials & Errors.”

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Viola Karmy


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