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Award-winning musician Malin Wättring releases her fourth album, ‘Songs of Wounds and Healing’. Eight Acoustic-meets-90s Rock songs that clock in over 38 minutes, coming in at the right time as spiritual medicine.

We get London Grammar vibes right off the first track, ‘I Want the Truth’ and ‘Liar Liar’, which lean towards the acoustic, mellow side. 

Following up, ‘The Black Dog’ turns 180º degrees and offers deeper, darker sounds of Rock, with hints of Florence + The Machine style.

The track named ‘Maria’ offers a hauntingly beautiful guitar that will still play in your sleep. If you haven’t met anyone called Maria before, now you’ve.

On the other hand, ‘The Hardest Thing of All’ slows us down to take a deep breath and enjoy the beautiful piano and vocals of the track. It is also an invitation to reflect on our own ‘hardest thing’.

The album ends literally with ‘Love and Light’. The song consists of a bittersweet tune as if it is a realisation and acceptance of the good and bad that life brings and the need to carry on, move on, and learn to let go when needed.

Malin became an established saxophonist and composer on the modern jazz scene over the past ten years. She has won several prizes and awards for my artistic work, such as “Composer of the Year” at the Swedish National Radio Jazz Cat Gala in 2017.

“I’m taking a step in a new musical direction with this release.” –The Sweden-based artist says. “The songs mean a lot to me, and I have felt a longing to share them with others in recent years.”

Malin has been working aside to take a music genre change. ‘Songs of Wounds and Healing’ result from over 10 years. To her, the lyrics are personal yet universal, covering topics such as forgiveness and reconciliation, the longing for honesty and the dilemma of both wanting to have and let go of control.

To create her latest album, she has put together a brand new band for this project, mainly with upcoming female musicians, as for Wättring is dearly essential to contribute to an equal music scene.

Even after listening to her music, getting to know her professional background and having the opportunity to review her latest work, Wättring’s work speaks for herself. Is safe to say that great potential lies ahead for her new path. Malin’s previous experience reflects confidently in ‘Songs of Wounds and Healing’.

The team she worked with has also supported, reinforced and enhanced her own existing talent. Still, at the same time, the message delivered through the composition and lyrical work of the album is what the world needs right now: empathetic, honest and meaningful.


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