Frank Joshuas newest album “Sense Life” is here to refresh how we experience life. Through his music on this compilation of sensual, sensory songs, he transports us to our own vulnerable universe where we can feel the rain, become aware of dark emotions, and fully sense life.

Frank has created a timeless universe of melodic Pop/ Rock pieces. Ten songs that will take you on a musical journey through emotional exploration.
“If I” is a modest, romantic ballad where the main character is an acoustic guitar accompanied by vocals, keys and a chorus.
“Five minutes” reflects how much life can change in a short amount of time. The music has futuristic, tech tones that add a 3D, psychedelic feel to the song alongside Frank’s calming voice.
Despite the worrisome title, “Panic In The Kitchen” is a very mellow song with a beautiful piano taking the lead. A beautiful piece that will bring all the nostalgic, bittersweet memories out of that dusty drawers. Get your tissues ready.
“Free” is the upbeat, pick-me-up song in the middle of the album that gets you going again and cheers you up without knowing why or how.
“Hope, Truth & Iodine” will bring the singer out of you. Together with the music, the lyrics create a dreamy athmosphere that will invite you to sing along.
“The Greed and the Hunger” provides a hypnagogic, futuristic tune that makes you float in the air and dream of another realm.
For more, we strongly recommend that you also embark on this journey and listen to “Sense Life” album. It is an awakening call, full of enigmatic sounds, showcasing a strong storytelling talent and what it takes to create music with a message.
The album art shows an antelope in a dress, with no human faces on sight. Keeping the mystery going.
Frank is a London based singer and songwriter who doesn’t like to show his face, as he prefers to let the music speak for itself.
With his work, Frank also makes a statement about the effects of identity and social media in our current age.

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