The latest album by The Quiet Drinks is out, ‘Grand Atlas’, is a Soft Rock compilation of six songs clocking in 20’ 20’’.

“Grand Atlas is an adventurous road trip across Indie-Rock planes, with the intermingling of psychedelic and Americana” –The Quiet Drinks.

The first track ‘County Affair’ is a very upbeat tune to get you going, whether is to start off your day, your work or workout, or to make your commuting less monotonous.

‘Talk and Talk’ could be the intro song or part of the soundtrack for one of those tragic, mysterious TV shows or movies, that narrates the story of how people, connect and then drift apart back to being strangers.

Track #3 ‘Sweet’ cheery and positive tone and rhythm that invites everyone to stand up, dance and shake all your demons away. 

‘Evaporate’, track #5, brings down the beat and plays with a more mellow tone, as if to slowly fade out and calm things down.

The vocals remind us of an upbeat, playful version of London Grammar and Lana del Rey’s. While the instrumentation has an excellent equilibrium of melodies thanks to the variety of instruments: guitars, drums, and a tambourine here and there, among many others.All in all, ‘Grand Atlas’ has an outstanding balance between happy, rosy songs and more soothing, mellow tracks. These give an overall sense of storytelling, a remarkable arrange of styles and sounds and “ephemeral watercolour lyrics.”


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