This Indie/ Lofi compilation of 12 songs and 34 minutes of random stories are yet much more meaningful than some two-word, self-centred commercial music that is found everywhere nowadays.

The first song ‘Burned East’ is the perfect companion for your commuting time, or as a background, uplifting companion while you work or study, with its low-key guitar, and easy, soft vocals, it doesn’t just play as the ideal intro song to this album but is also a great addition to any playlist aimed to uplift the mood.

Other songs like ‘By Proxy, Teeth’ or ‘Miles of Aisles’ evens the balance out with cheerful beats, while others like ‘Giving Up’ lean more towards mystic rhythms, using tech tunes.

There are also darker songs like ‘Rooms as Tombs’ which may hit back home a little bit, as the lyrics resemble the feeling we’ve all been getting when having to stay at home and quarantine for these past few years. But is definitely a vibrant song, with a very beautiful guitar and smooth drums.
If you want to stay on this line but start off by winding down, then go directly for ‘Zeus the Sequel’, a retro-rock tune, that also has a downhearted story to reveal, or ‘Or Winter’s Tomb’, with a strong acoustic guitar base.

It’s easily recognisable that Matt is an experienced musician that knows how to actually make music. Overall, is an effortless, winsome music compilation that offers strong storytelling alongside its mellow but charismatic melodies.


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Mercedes Thomas




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